Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Movember Trains

(Thanks to Holly for making me aware of this!)

Did you know that some trains 'grow' moustaches for Movember? Take a look at these:


It instantly made me think - how cool would it be if they integrated some AR for these? You could use an app to scan the moustache (when the train is stationary of course) and it could come to life - growing depending on how far along in the month it is. It could be a cool little advertising campaign for Movember. If any of you Movember reps are reading this - I'd be happy to help out with development. ;)

I just wanted to make a little blog post about it because I thought it was great and it made me smile a lot. Also, if you have some spare pennies, my lovely tutor Josh is still raising money for Movember and it'd be great if you could donate! Here's a link. :)

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