Friday, 16 October 2015

A larger scope?

Now onto some more researchy type things! 

I was walking home from work a couple of days ago and for some reason this particular area (pictured below) really caught my eye:

It was the large pipe-like building in the background which caught my eye in particular, and it made me think - what if instead of just working with small scale, I could also create characters for large scale buildings and structures that people see in day to day life too. The imagination doesn't stop with small characters, characters are large and small and people see faces in things regardless of size, so why should I limit myself when there could be so much more out there for me to work with?

I quickly added some faces just to give a picture of what I mean:

 (thumbs up if you see the second face that I added in the top picture ;) ) 

Obvious things that people see faces in would be houses - the internet is full of pictures of houses that look like faces, and Pixar even created a short, 'The Blue Umbrella', which is made up of a lot of characters created from things we see every day but don't really pay attention to. If you click the name of the short it'll take you to the video. It really is charming and you should definitely watch it if you haven't already. <3

These are a couple of examples just in case you haven't watched or can't watch the video! 

I'm going to look out for more examples when I'm walking around and when I find some I'll post them too. :D 

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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