Monday, 3 October 2016

Adding Life to the Forest...

I've now gotten to the stage with my forest where its foundations are done, and it's now time to add the finishing details. 

At the moment, said details are more characters! These are the things I'm most excited to add, as I put a lot of heart and love into their designs. Here are some of their 'hiding' places within the forest so far:

I've added some more characters than those pictured (some of which I've already lost... I guess that's a good sign?), but I do still have a fair few left to add!

There's also a giant tree stump in the middle of one of the paths (as suggested by Elliott - thanks buddy!) for the player to walk under. There are some fireflies hanging out in it, too, so if by any chance you manage to miss their magical lair, you at least get a taster of them here. :)

These are just a static image, however there is some animation in there! The fireflies in the top left image float around (as shown in my previous blog post), and the slug & snail bounce up and down on top of the log as though to greet you joyfully. 

I still need to add my dancing weed friends, and I'm hoping to get Berryl doing a little bob also. Not too much to do, but enough to add some more character to the forest at least! 

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