Friday, 6 November 2015

Anthropomorphic Research (pt 1 - Games)

Is it just me or is that word a real pain to spell? Anthropomorphic. Anthroroflskjdglkfsd.

As the title suggests, I've been doing some research for my project in the form of Anthropomorphism. For anyone who doesn't know, Anthropomorphism is "the attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to a god, animal, or object." (credits to Google for that nice little description). 

Now games have a wealthy amount of these characters, with this nice little webpage here listing just a few of them. You've got games from Spyro, to Legend of Kay, over to the more 'realistic' games like The Elder Scrolls series, but here's my problem - most of these games feature Anthropomorphic characters in the forms of animals. Which is great but for my project I am focussing on Anthropomorphic characters in the form of inanimate objects (for example the little air vents and light switch characters that I've been making). This makes my search a little bit more tricky.

There are some games that use this kind of character - for example Amanita Design's 'Machinarium' features Berta and Josef (pictured below); two charming little characters made out of old metal parts. 

                                                           (Amanita-Design, 2015)

 Also in the metal spectrum is Chibi-Robo! (pictured below), developed by Skip ltd, though rather than being made of old metal he is a bit more new and sparkly.


                                                             (Nintendo, 2015)

There are also Anthropomorphic characters who are made of inanimate objects that aren't metal, though because for now I'm working with characters made of metal and other manmade materials, these are the types of characters I will be focussing on. 

These are just some of the Anthropomorhpic characters in games, however, so the next blog post will be covering a broader scope with characters from film/tv and possibly books. :)

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