Tuesday, 10 November 2015

More Augmented Reality things!

I probably should have waited before making that first blog post because not even 10 minutes later I've found more super amazing AR creations! This time it's Magic Leap who are working on this pretty incredible Augmented Reality app that combines social media with video games. Here's a video:

I also came across this... interesting video of a man who used AR to create a 50 foot Titan. I'm 99% sure he used Augment to create this because of the use of the tracker and the way it projects the model, so I'm going to have to create an AR character from space or something to top this. No further explanation needed, just watch:

Moving back to Sony, I also discovered a project that Sony is working on involving AR. There's an article here explaining them in a bit more depth, but here are two videos of the tech demos:

The first video shows some characters projected into the room interacting with different types of lighting. This is the first time I've seen anything like this so it's pretty great to see the silhouette turn into a full colour character, and then to see them interact with the lighting. It's similar to what is already around in terms of them just being characters projected into a space, but it's the fact that the lighting can be changed that makes them that bit cooler. :)

The second - and in my opinion more impressive - video is of a man pouring water between two 'bowls', which are projected from two separate AR cards. I just find this totally incredible because it's the first time I've seen it be possible to have these things actually interact with each other. It's also pretty amazing that the water literally pours from one to the other - it doesn't just disappear in one and appear in the other.

Then the next AR game I found is called 'Monsters Multiplayer', an AR game that you project onto a game board. Here's a video of it:

The quality isn't great but the concept itself makes up for it! A lot of the AR things that I have come across revolve around bringing video games into the real world but none of them have covered board games before - like Monsters Multiplayer does. Being able to create your own characters and bring them into custom board games could really see them take a new direction in terms of concept and how board games are played. I'm excited to see what the future holds for AR being used in this way. :D 

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