Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Silent Research

Just to match the last blog with my work in. ;)

Here is the research and the images that I've collected in the time since my last blog post. Some are for characters and other parts are for inspiration on the AR side of things, so hopefully you'll find it to be of interest!

First up is something that is slightly related but that I mainly just found to be really cool - Disney have developed a colouring book app which brings the images to life in 3D AR as you colour them in. Here's the video:

It isn't necessarily something that is related to my research in a direct way, but it did get me thinking about ways I could expand my idea - and that's an important thing!

Next up is a project that Jim showed me (thanks Jim!) called noticings. It seems to be finished now, but it was a game that challenged people to look at the spaces around them to find things they wouldn't normally notice, post them on social media and gather points for these images. Looking at the archives page it seems that a lot of the images are of sad looking, homeless socks, but there are some interesting ones. Here's a link if you wanna check it out.

Now onto the self taken research. I'm sorry if this gets a little bit too long, I just want to describe my reasons behind taking these pictures so that they don't slip my mind and so I don't sit staring at a screen with no idea why they're there the next time I see them.

Let's start off with the fire extinguishers:

Jim made a very good point of it being important for me to not just focus on things that we have in the games studio, and to consider objects that people who don't go to the games studio would see - like a fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguishers are extremely common for obvious reasons, so I think it's a good idea for me to bring one to life. That'll be one of my next characters for sure. :)

Then we have light switches:

                                          Inside of a lightswitch (diynetwork, 2015):
                                          Inside of a Dual Lightswitch (wikimedia, 2015):

(These images were taken from my Pinterest board which you can find - with credits - here!) 

I mentioned in my previous post about picturing the light switch board as beds for little characters. I really want to make this vision come to life, and the first thing I need to do to make that happen is create the characters that'll be used in it! 

Google is a tricky one for finding references for the inside of this particular style of switch and I don't think the games studio would appreciate me taking apart their lighting system, but I did find a couple of reference pictures that I can work with, so all is saved. ;) This is what I'll be working on next, so they'll most likely be in my next blog post! 

Then here are just a few extra pictures of the actual light switches since some were on and some were off today:

 Finally, here's a little guy I noticed while walking to uni:

He doesn't look too amused but it was a bit rainy outside so that's understandable.

That's all I have for this entry, thank you so much for reading if you did and have a nice day!

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