Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Inappropriate Mushroom

Progress is happening! I got approval from Jim on my idea which is great, and I've been continuing to find things to inspire designs and ideas.

As mentioned in my last post, I was going to create some character designs based on the air vents in the games studio. I've started those, so here they are:

I'm hoping to have them tidied up and brought to life by the end of tomorrow, so I'll update once they're done. :)

I've also been gathering more inspiration and places that look like they could be hiding little creatures. Here are the images I've taken:

Very close to where the above image was taken is a cute thing that someone else has done - they clearly saw the same little houses that I do and wanted to show people! Here's a picture of it:

They've drawn a little door and some windows on it, and with smoke coming out of a chimney they've written "Imagine... Why not?" It's hard to see in the photo I took because it was night time and I took it quickly, but I will take a better photo and update so that you can see the whole thing. It's pretty great. :)

And then finally, something I found today...

I got so excited because a large mushroom had seemingly shown up overnight on the grass next to Victoria Building, like something out of a game really, and I was happy because I instantly had a bunch of ideas going around in my mind. Sounds great, right? It was, until I got closer...

Now I'm not normally one to point these things out, but do you see what I see? Exactly. Oh dear. 

So sadly I am now on the hunt for another large mushroom, preferrably one that doesn't look so 'private'. 

It had so much potential. :'(

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