Friday, 16 October 2015

A child is born

Or more specifically, an air vent.

Since my last post I've finished the character designs that I had sketched out as well as modelled one of them in Maya. Next step is to model another of the characters and then hopefully get them to take their first steps!

Here are the finished character designs:

I have a soft spot for the top right hand side design for some reason, so I then modelled him in Maya. Hopefully this GIF will work...

 It's a little bit fast but there it is! Technology truly is amazing. 

So the next step was to texture him! Here are a few very dramatic looking screenshots taken in UE4, followed by another turntable. :)

I'm pretty happy with how he ended up, though I still need to practice a lot more to get my Maya skills up to scratch. Hopefully the next character I make (who will be another of the vent character designs!) will be a lot more professional looking. :) 

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