Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Silent Progress

I've been a little bit quiet the last week because between uni work and work work I've been too sleepy to write a blog post, but I have been getting work done! Now just to get back up to speed on this blog...

So the first thing I did since I last posted was create and finish the second vent character I had modelled. Here are some progress gifs to show how that went:

(Just click the gif to open it in a new tab and see it in much higher quality!)

Hopefully looking at those both spinning next to each other doesn't make your head go weird like it did mine. @_@ 

I also worked on my first vent character some more by animating him as you can see below:

(Please excuse the terrible quality - I recorded it on my phone because I'm yet to figure out how to export a decent quality gif in Maya)

I also tested Augment again (who were super lovely and gave me a student licence, so thank you guys so much! <3 ) and wanted to see how he would look in the real world:


The answer is very shiny... Gonna work on that!

Then for my final bit of vent-related work, I wanted to see what my character would look like in place of the actual vent that's in the studio. Ideally I'd like to see about making it possible to replace the vent in AR, but for now a Photoshop picture does the job. ;)

So the next step for me is really to just continue where I'm going. I want to think more about larger sized objects that I could create characters of (most likely starting with the building I posted about here) as that is something I'm finding interesting. I also want to think more about the reasons behind my project - WHY I'm doing it, and what it is that makes me see these characters. 

As far as my next characters go, there is a lightswitch panel with a lot of switches that has caught my eye. I picture the switches being like little beds - when the switch is on the character is awake, but when the switch is off they are sleeping. Here's a quick sketch I did on a photo to show my idea:

I haven't designed the characters to go with the light switches yet, so the ones sleeping aren't an accurate image of what they'll look like, it was just a quick sketch to add some variety into the image. :) Gonna get to work on making them now! 

That's all for this post, I'm going to make another post after this with more research images that I've collected, so look out for that if you're interested and thanks for reading!

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