Friday, 2 October 2015

Congratulations, your idea evolved into something a bit more substantial!

I talked in my last main blog about wanting to do something similar to my 'Virtual Realitea' project with AR and characters. There's an aircon vent thingie in the Games Design room (the exact one pictured below) and it has always fascinated me a little bit.
I touched down a little in my last blog about seeing faces and characters who may live in environments, and this little vent seems to have kick started that idea just a little bit more.

So, I took some pictures of places around the Games studio (excluding the corners on both sides because they're kinda busy and I don't wanna disrupt people... I'll get to them soon!) that look like they could be home to some creatures.

Now I know I talked about this in my last blog and that info isn't really anything new, but stay with me...

Pokemon Snap. I love Pokemon Snap. Many, many people love Pokemon Snap. There's just something about going around in your little safari car and taking pictures of Pokemon* that is magical, and I want to do something with that same magical feeling.

*Also throwing a rock at Charmeleon so he falls into lava and evolves... Ah, sweet childhood...

There are so many places that we pass by which look like they could be homes to characters and little families of creatures. My only concern is that I may end up getting too close to my BA Honours Project, so I need to take time to make sure that it is as different as possible.

I'd love to be able to use VR and make it so that people can hunt for these characters in places, kinda like in Pokemon Snap. I love the idea of looking up at some pipes and seeing a little guy run across it, or seeing some happy faces peeping out of the aircon to greet you. It encourages people to look at their surroundings and imagine, rather than just look at a wall and see nothing. 

Here are the images that I have taken in the studio so far:

 The next step for me is to take these images and create characters for them. I want to make them as different as possible so I'll have to really look at the locations and see how their environment can affect their design. I'll update again with a blog containing these when these are done. :)

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