Monday, 21 December 2015

Lightswitch Development

I can't remember if I posted any development work of my Lightswitch characters or not, so I'll post them again just to be sure! 

The next character I've been working on (as I've already mentioned a few times in this entry ;) ) is a lightswitch! There's a great big lightswitch panel in uni (that I know I posted an image of but will post again for reference) and I was drawn to it quite a lot for inspiration. 

Here's the picture again:

I always thought that the switches looked a bit like little beds, with the occupants sleeping while they're switched off. With this inspiration I created some characters:

I didn't design as many of these as I did for my Air Vent characters because I was drawn to the character on the top right as soon as I drew him. I like the others too but this one got my attention the most! 

Here's a model I made of him before and after texturing:

I also tried a lovely website called SketchFab for the first time, which allows you to upload 3D models and create a fully rotatable turntable for them, which I'll hooopefully be able to embed, so let's give that a go...

Okay that didn't work, so here's a link instead. :'D  

Then finally, here's a comic/storyboard type thing that I made to accompany him - something to give a bit of a story:

That's all I have for Lightswitchy (for now), but I'll be sure to post updates when I have more to show. :) Thanks for reading and have a lovely day! 

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