Wednesday, 28 September 2016

... And Grows...

Onto stage 2 of my forest's development now! I have my landscape set out and all trees are planted, so now I've been able to move onto adding more props. Here are some screenshots:

Alongside making the individual strands of grass stand out more I've also been adding various plants and mushrooms. While I've only really just begun the process of adding them (and have been taking my time as I need to get it right!), I feel that they have already added much more life to the forest.

Finding the correct amounts to add of each has been an interesting process with a lot of trial and error. As mentioned in a previous blog post I did test various densities of foliage before I rebuilt my environment, but I feel that it is much better represented when among trees and other props. The individual pieces of grass work as intended and I am happy with those, though higher concentrated areas of flowers have had a hit and miss effect. Here are some examples:

These flowers work well when spread out, though can also have a few in the same general area. They're fairly large so take up a lot of space individually, which works well with how minuscule their population is. 

When you have a lot of them grouped together, however...

Not such a good effect. :( 

When close together the flowers begin to fight for space and overlap - it doesn't look great! So for this particular plant it's best to have few of them placed over areas in which they have enough space to breathe. I need to test this with the other flowers also, though they are a lot less demanding with space and so far have reacted better to being placed closer together.

Then finally to finish off on, here's a screenshot I took of two little buddies having a peep at what's going on! I wonder what they're thinking about?

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