Sunday, 1 May 2016


Over the last few days I've been making strong progress on my scene. Included in that progress is the creation of a few assets, so I'm going to be talking about them in this blog post. :)

The first asset I made was this little guy:

There's an interactive model of him on Sketchfab if you'd like to take a closer look and see more sides to him! 

I'm quite happy with him as he remained fairly similar to the original concept piece I created. Here it is so that you can compare!:

Then finally for this little guy - and possibly one of my proudest achievements - I made him dance! Here's a little vine showing him in action if you'd like to see!

Next up is a bush I made for my scene. Here's an image of it:

And as always there's an interactive version on Sketchfab that can be viewed here

Completing these two assets means that I have enough to create a full scene now, so the next step I've been taking is making the actual scene. I have a lot of development to post for it so will be giving it a blog post of its own, so look out for that in the coming days if you're interested in seeing how it's going! 

Thank you so much for your time and have a lovely day. :)

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