Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Growing Slowly

It's been a couple of weeks since my last blog entry, so I have quite a lot to talk about!

Since my last post I've been working with ZBrush to try and bring a tree stump to 'life'. I've made 2 separate attempts at it, and I'll explain why...

Here's the first one that I made:

Looking back on it now, I can understand why people weren't really registering it as a tree stump. Let's look at a picture of an actual stump for reference:
Notice the issue? It's the bark - it doesn't grow horizontally around a stump, it grows vertically up as that's how the tree grows. Now with that in mind, here's the second tree stump I modelled:

I think this one reads much better as a hollowed out stump, but I do still have a little way to go with it. It's also tricky to tell how convincing it'll truly be without texturing it, so I need to do that next.

For now I want to go back to some concepts - I've spent way too long on tree stumps and I need to get moving with this project so that I can make what I actually set out to make! 

Thanks for reading and have a nice week. :)

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